The laws above are for car licences. In same system applies for motorcycle licencing, except:

  • At age 17 (and 9 months) you can apply for your learners permit
  • From 17 (and 9 months) to 18 you can ride a 250cc motorcycle on the roads.
  • At 18 you can apply for your probationary licence
  • For three years from that point you cannot have any alcohol in your blood, and must display a 'P' plate
  • During that three years, the first year the rider must not ride a motorcycle of greater than 250cc's

Usually a car owners eye will be drawn to a 'P' plate motorcyclist because:

  • The 'bike went cruising past them carelessing doing twice the speed limit
  • At red lights, the 'bike came to a stop infront of them (the other motorist), after lane splitting through the traffic, and when the lights go green, the 'bike attempts to do a wheelie, fails, nearly stalls, realises how close the car behind him/her is, hunches over and takes off, warp 9.

This second effect is usually exacerbated by the fact the next set of lights will stop the 'bike, and he/she will attempt to do it again... leading to more humiliation for the 'P' plater. The good news is they eventually get better, at wheelies, and this doesn't happen by the time they get "off their P's" (as much)