1:23pm : There has been a shooting at Monash University. I never thought this would happen in Melbourne. I have called the 4 friends that go there, and only got in contact with one of them. The reports are 2 dead, 8 injured. i am worried sick

1:27pm 2nd friend has checked in. only two to go now. Apparently there are 2 dead and 8 wounded.

3:10 Last of my friends have checked in. I am still terribly concerned for others i know that go there, but it was in the ecconomics section - and i don't know anyone who studies that.

Thank u to all who msg's me.

done much earlier ......

It's good to be back at my desk this morning..
AAAhhhhhhhhhh.. A peaceful break from my hectic weekend. It's good to be able to sit here and node quietly, without interruption.

My weekend started Friday night, after work. I went to check on beehive I had moved from the compost bin. Swollen handed (that only went down this morning) and ankle (still a little inflamed this morning) I put my gear on and checked them out. They seemed to have moved house into the hivebox, which is good, although a lot of bees were still outside the box, which leads me to think there isn't enough room inside the box. I plan on going round to the guy's house tonight to check on them.

The rest of Friday night was then spent food shopping with GF and flatmate. We then watched Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome. Pretty kewl, but very dated.

Saturday morning I spent struggling with the front lawn and a lawnmower. Teach me to leave it till the grass is knee high before I decide to cut it .. I had to do the old, cut it three time, on consecutively lower settings on the lawnmower, before it got close to looking 'normal' again. The afternoon was at a friends bbq, where I happily took control of charcolising all the meat, for a few hours.

Saturday night. ERG. DVD movie - IRIS - interesting movie. Girls: you'll like this. Guys: RUN screaming, go walk the dog, visit your mother, clean your room, shave, SOMETHING.. you will not enjoy this.. but come back to the female u set down to watch this, as you can certainly win 'points' with the amount of "there there *pat pat*" attention you can lavish upon here after the movie... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

SUNDAY - OH the joys! This was to be the crown day. The Australian motto GP was down at Philip island. I had managed to wrangle some work down there - doing surveys for some tourism mob - and so had free entry and a cark parking pass (always a bonus). I knew that I would have to work fairly hard in the morning, but I figured it was all worth it.

Getting up at 5:43am (43 minutes AFTER the alarm was meant to have gone off... bloody thing) having a 3 second shower, waking the other person in my house coming along, and hustling out the door, I headed to Frankston to pic up the 3rd person I was taking. I set a new land speed record, from Noble Park to Frankston, only 11 minutes, I think more from the total lack of anyone else being alive and awake at 6am Sunday morning, than from speeding (I sat about 10 km/hr above the speed limit). Having bundled friend No. 2 into the car, we then lit off to Philip Island. We had to be there by 7:15 am, and thankfully got there by 7.11am. Briefed and prepared we hit the racetrack and started surveying people at 7:37am.

This went on for hours.

At 2pm I had barely completed 80 surveys (the things was 6 pages long, and 40 questions! it was a monster...) and I began to worry that I wasn't going to get time to see the main race, which was, after all, what I had come down to see. I went back to the temporary office that was our base, handed in what surveys I had left, and was shocked to discover the guy saying, 'Thanks! you've done really well! ' and pissing us off. We had done enough - HURRAH!

It was now that I discovered that I had to take a few other people back to their cars - this was ok, but I wanted to watch the race beofre dropping them back. They implied this was ok, so I wandered off to watch. They bitched at me. They moaned. "We're ganna get caught in traffic", "everyone will try to leave at the same time", " you know we could leave now..." ARRRGGGGGGG!

Stupidly with only 4 laps to go, I gave in and headed back to the car park, happy 'friends' in tow. We left the carpark ahead of everyone, and I took them back to their cars at the house they had stayed overnight at. THEN I had to wait, to let ALL the traffic past. YUP. *I* ended up getting caught in it anyway. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I managed to find out who won though - ROSSI! - well done!