Heh heh heh let's see if this trend can continue -

Hi, My name is sui.
I daylog.

The people in my office are weird! I opened the office fridge to get milk out, and after digging through all the green salads and healthy looking brany/brown breads and home made lunches, after pushing aside all the Rev, Skinny Milk, and Lowfat soys, I found a single 600ml carton of plain milk!

FREAKS! This is an office! Don't they know that they are in the computer industry? Has no-one told them that they are supposed to be slightly overweight have cold pizza and coke in the fridge?


- AND they all go jogging or cycling at lunchtime - if they haven't ridden push bikes to work. I am surrounded by a room of health nutters - I wonder how my boss (who is the achtype Dilbert boss) copes every day!? (although I had noticed that even *he* has been bringing his lunch in every day of late... ;)

Of course I've heard tell of the Government office where it is all the reverse...

I've heard that after it has been decided that it is a waste of public moneys for workers to have even tea or coffee supplied. The office fridge doors are full of milks with everybody's names on them... Each one hoarding the precious substance, even though they are identical - not a single low fat or soy among them.

Each employee's bottom drawers are full of coffee, and sugar or Milo, or nibbles, and locked up tight at the end of each day. Although the stash of lollipops, biscuits and chocolate are offered freely to anyone in the area, woe betide anyone who offeres them to someone else. Unless ofcourse when needed to bribe the IT guys... who (as all good IT guys should) trade in food for favours, and expect a little bribe.

But wot really disturbs me is that no matter what fridge I have ever ecountered there is ALWAYS one strange container that just seems to live there, with something brown wrapped in paper towel, which no-one seems to own or touch. Was this left be the last round of redundancies???

Still I am surprised there are no 'macrobiotic diets' making a re-emergence, for which I am eternally greatful - that and I guess we are all safe as long as there are no tubs of natural yogurt half full with the spoon still in *grin* ;]