Being a Weekend Dad, the moment that truely made it all worth it happened to me last friday night.

My daughter (4) had just been dropped off, and I was explaining to her that after dinner I would like to go to "Fighting" 1. I noticed a small frown cross her face, and she was about to argue (which I was expecting), and then a new and astounding (to me)facial expression appeared, and she said, "You know Daddy, when I was a little girl, I didn't like doing that. But now that I'm a Kinder Girl 2 I know you have to do things, and that's ok. We can go." I was just _so_ stunned she displayed an 'adult' appreciation of 'sharing' that i had to leave the room, and cry.

To end this story, we went, she happily played with the other children there, and then quietly came and let me know she wanted to leave about an hour and a half later. Even though I really wanted to stay, it was surprisingly easy to drop what I was doing and leave for her.

1 our word for SCA fighter training I do.

2 Her word for going to kindergatern. Meaning she's a big kid now!