Unto the noder whom readth this.


I abase myself before you, I have not daylogg'd in some time. Prepare thineself for another fascinating sneak peek into me.

Upon this day did mine fellows in the office enjoy the beer that I had brewth'd and brought forth for their goodly enjoy'dment. During our break for luncheon, we did sipth from thine mystical foam cupth of joy, and be merry as we sampled the palatable delights of Wiess beer and sweet stout

I have decided to withhold from brewing more beers until all mine bottles doth require refilling, as now they number in the great Two Hundreds, for me to buyth new ones (from that up-marking, accursed, scoundrel of a merchant) will broketh mineself.

Until such time, I willth simply continue to imbibe mine Bavarian beer, mine ciders, and a 'Canadian' beer. I will not giveth up thine 5 fermenters I have gained, through hand work and flattery, as I enjoy them linedth upth on the ledge in laundry - When they are in full ferment the dulcet sounds that emit from the bubbling vapor locks, so counterpoint the sunny day "HMMMMMMMMMMM" of the beehive under theth aformentioned laundry window.

So Goodly Noder, as I prepare to endth this missive, let me make you aware of the otherwise overlooked, and fine art, of home brewing. The effort is low, the rewards great, and from fellows and loved ones, the admiration, stupendous!

Fair The Well on this day.