The office was quiet when I entered this morning. As I caught up on my emails, fellow workers slowly joined me in our cubical. It is a solemn affair, our moment when we can define our mood for the day, Jovial, Annoyed, Happy, Sick...

The conversation turned to the lack of rain (again) and the web was checked for this years rainfall gauge in the local area. Melbourne's waters supply is low. This is a constant concern for the guys I work with, and even though all of us staunchly hate 'Hippies' we seem concerned with the lack of rainfall and the prospect of a long, hot and dry, summer. We all remember the drought of a decade ago.

It is interesting to note the way we have become armchair weather men, one of us has Victoria radar rainfail on his screen constantly, another, the water levels taken daily in Melbournes Dams. If either one moves we all get excited and work is placed aside for the more enjoyable conversation.