I am so glad to be back at work this morning!

It's kinda odd that I find work to be my haven. It's not that home isn't (a haven), but I had a rather emotionally tumultuous weekend, and now I'm free.

Even though I hate whiney, self indulgent, sooky daylogs, I'm about to do one. STOP READING, or down vote me now, if you wish, cause here goes:

Every other weekend, my Daughter comes to stay with me. This makes me sad. I truly don't know or understand the feeling that stir inside me. Sometime I have stomach churns, mostly me teeth ache, I have no idea how to relate to her, and I can tell she has no idea that I have no idea...

I find we have very little in common (what 4 yearold girl and 28 guy do ???) we laugh and giggle occasionally, but I find that just makes me sadder, and then she looks at me funny.

- And Then my mother and father split up on the weekend. Itself not a bad thing, they have not been happy for years, but it's funny.. I do feel like I assisted by not being the good son. ergggg.. PARENTS!

I am meant to do anything? Are they not adults? They raised me, don't they know everything? When did I become an adult, I never got the graduation certificate !!!