My Daily Life as a Superhero

You all think it's so great. So easy. WOE IS ME! let me share the humdrum of my day today with you:

Woke up. Had shower. Had 15 minute debate with myself as to what I should wear today. Put on Rocket Pants and "Choose Life" t-shirt. Had further 5 minute debate with self. Changed to "Shit Happens" t-shirt.
Fed cat. Left for work. Arrived at work, read newspaper on company time. Noticed news article about local celebrity dog being stuck down drain for 48 hours.
Smelled good publicity opportunity. Fixed hair and used Rocket Pants to fly to drain.
Waited 3 mins for crowd to gather. Flew down drain to rescue dog. Got bitten by dog. Cursed dog.
Put on heroic facial expression and brought dog back to surface.
Revelled in glory. Fixed hair for photo shoot. Photos taken by local press. Flew back to office.
Checked PM edition of newspaper. Photo of me with dog snarling in background. Hair looked great. Went home. Had dinner.
Watched Everybody Loves Raymond. Went to bed.