I believe the one female of the office has got upset.

There is a sign in the lunch room, above the 'wet area' (most people would call this a sink, but in my company you don't even have a 'lunch room', it's a 'Break out area' - next we'll all be having Lunchtime, Afternoon play, and finally Hometime!) ... So anyhow the sign reads:

"Your mother/wife/girlfriend does NOT live here.
Please put ALL dishes/cutlery/glasswear/etc. in the dishwasher!

Being the smartarse I am, and feeling that the 'thank you' was put on the message begrudgingly, I cleverly afixed a 'post it' note to this sign which reads,

"How does the dishwasher work?"

Ahhhh I crack me up.

Gilfriend says: ... actually i've seen these signs even when its an all female crew... go figure...;>