Born 19 November 1965 same day and year as former band mate Sonic Boom in Rugby, Warwickshire UK.
1 daughter , Poppy.
Plays fender telecaster. Influences 13 floor elevators to J.J. Cale.

Jason Pierce Formed Spacemen 3 in 1985 with Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom and Pete Bassman. Musically, they can be charaterized as "droney", "psychedelic" and reminicent of much 60's garage rock. Additionally,the lyrical content of many Spacemen 3 songs were controversial because of frequent drug references i.e. Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to.

Due to a straining relationship between Pierce and Kember, Spacemen 3 broke up in 1991, and J. Pierce formed Spiritualized with then flame Kate Radley and bass player Will Carruthers.

Carruthers now makes his own music, ( while Kate plays with husband Richard Ashcroft, singer of the Verve. Sonic Boom later formed Spectrum and later Experimental Audio Research (EAR). In 2001 sonic boom toured the US with Carruthers at the same time as Spiritualized.

Completely disbanded spiritualzed and former band mates are now in Lupine Howl. New band consists of Julian Cope's backing band. Their drummer recently diagnosed with Blood cancer.

Short discography (not including singles)
Sound of Confusion- Spacemen 3
Perfect Perscription- Spacemen 3
Playing with Fire Spacemen 3
Laser guided Melodies Spiritualized
Pure Phase Spiritualized
Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space Spiritualized
Royal Albert Hall- Spiritualized
Let it come down Spiritualized