Hey, she's alright. Pretty nice looking even. I'm feeling a little sick. Should I introduce myself? No, I think I'll just sit here and watch the walls melt. That's funny, I never thought of myself as an annoying little wuss before. Maybe I'm just a little bit strange, like my normal course of action has been changed to accord with the title of a node on some interactive database. No, that sort of thing doesn't really happen when you're sitting still this fast.

She's packing a cone, yet my spine is like an antenna.

I hope she doesn't see me. That would be horrible. I'm feeling so sneaky for some reason. Why sneaky? I think I'm gripped by THE FEAR. Hang on a second that's just my belt, it's a little too tight. I thought it was leather. Fuck, she's so shiny, how does she do it? That cactus was so bitter, the taste is still in my mouth. I think it's my mouth. What do I say to her? I hope she speaks Elvish. Umm.. English. Maybe she doesn't speak - y'know, like a tree or something. Fuck wasting time, I think I'll just float over and say hello.

"Huh? What planet am I on? This one I hope. The pizza man will never find us otherwise."