Progress Quest is the most significant advance in RPGs since the invention of the MUD. It introduces the concept of the "fire and forget" RPG, a style of gameplay which allows the user to experience the full range of character advancement and development, without the more tedious elements typically associated with it.

Progress Quest is freeware and can be downloaded from

Progress Quest Races

Progress Quest Classes

Progress Quest Keyboard Quick Reference

| Key    | Description         |
| Alt-F4 | Exit Progress Quest |

Praise for Progress Quest

"A superb cross breed of the physical with the spiritual, at once Zen and Canadian Socialist, pure yet full of thick goopy mud. Simply - rife with fecundity. Amazing."

"Finally, a game that streamlines all the tedium of online RPGs into something we can all appreciate: progression. Simply an awesome game."

"dude! i totally quit playing setiathome, and started playing progressquest!"