Chevrolet Chevy II

Chevrolet's introduction into the rear wheel drive compact car market began with the 1962 Chevy II line of vehicles. Designed from scratch, it was a unibody vehicle with a bolt-on front end that could be replaced easily.

The 1962 Chevy II came in 3 flavors, the Chevy II 100, Chevy II 300 and the Chevy II Nova 400. Available body styles were a 2-door coupe, a 2-door sedan, a 4-door sedan, 2 and 3 seat station wagons and a convertible. The available engines were a 153 CI inline 4 and a 194 CI inline 6. Both engines were designed specifically for the vehicle, and the 4 cylinder engine was the first Chevy had produced since 1928.

The car was a hit. In its first production year, a total of 326,007 would be made. By the end of 1963, it would be outselling all other domestic compacts.