Today was a little scary. Well, not very scary, but something that completely amazes me happened. I still don't understand how people can be so think-headed.

It all started out with this annoying kid Trevor that sits with us at lunch. He's the sort you can't really just whisk away; he's the sort that really needs some friends so you feel bad for him, but still hate him. We convinced him a few months ago that someone named David Manners was stalking him. Now, I'm not entirely familiar where the David Manners thing came from (my friend tells me he's a vampire movie star or something), but he is entirely fictional as far as we are concerned. Once when Trevor accompanied us to the movies, we told him this Manners fellow was following him all around. He believed us!

Soon, Trevor went to the vice principal to report David Manners, seeing how everyone is encouraged to tell about any shady behavior around school nowadays. He was promptly told that no student named David Manners attending or has ever attended our highschool. We easily remedied his doubt by informing him that David had dropped out of school in 5th grade.

Before we knew it, rumors started coming from other sources about David Manners. Some kid in seventh grade claimed he had attempted to stab him in Walmart. This was all the more hilarious considering almost EVERYONE was in on our prank.

Unfortunately, our fun must come to an end. Today during lunch, there were police officers lurking around who were apparently keeping an eye out for David Manners. I'm not exactly sure what the punishment for creating a nonexistent false persona to threaten someone else is, but we figure it's best to stop.

It's just amazing how gullible people can be.