in response to a conversation on green anarchy, naturalism and their "morals"

one thing i have noticed that seems to upset a certain group of people:

the whole veganism thing should not be called natural. human beings are omnivores, our bodies have evolved to process meat in addition to plants. if you want to be natural, then go out and hunt all of yr food. live in the wilderness. i doubt you'd get by on twigs and berries. the unnatural part of meat is HOW we get it. yep, it is inhumane to stuff a bunch of cows into little cubicles so their meat is more tender. THAT isn't natural. this is a much more valid reason to be vegan coming from a naturalist's point of view.

oddly enough, now that i think of it, the choice to be vegan is, in a way, putting oneself ABOVE the rest of the natural world. because then you are acknowledging the fact that you are a human being able to make "unnatural" decisions to refrain from consuming animal byproducts. hmmm. just being speculative.

another oddity-after all of this seemingly anti-vegan talk, i'm vegetarian, for the most part. i eat free range. bah.