Coheed and Cambria

Claudio Sanchez - vocs,guitar
Travis "the bone beaver" Stever - guitar,vocs
Michael Todd - bass
Joshua Eppard - drums

Coheed and Cambria is a breath of fresh air for anyone tired of hipster indie/emo/punk bands that all sound the same. They manage to have a diverse collection of songs but at the same time, every track seems to have a sense of continuity.

So far, Coheed and Cambria have only put out one album, Second Stage Turbine Blade. I've been told the album is a sci-fi rock opera, but I'm gonna be honest and admit I haven't really read the lyrics very closely yet.*

Check out Coheed and Cambria's official site :

*if anyone has a summary of Second Stage Turbine Blade or any other info, please /msg me!