Yo mama like community college - everybody be gettin in.
No wait, yo mama more like a shotgun: two cocks, she blows.
Yo mama so big she on both sides of the family.
She go to the movies and sit down next to everybody.
Yo mama so stupid, she entered the pepsi challenge and chose Jif.
Yo mama so fat you can't see her legs, it just looks like she glidin across the floor.
Yo mama so fat she irons her jeans in the driveway.
The bitch has to put on lipstick with a paint roller to save time.
Yo mama teeth are so damn buck, I used her to rake my yard.
Yo mama so poor, the elevator at the Welfare office is her 'mobile home'.
She so poor, the welfare checks got her picture on em.
And food stamps got your daddy's picture on em.
Yo mama house so small, the welcome mat just says, 'well?'
Yo mama tripped and when she fell she created that Grand Canyon you been hearing so much about.
Then the bitch was like, 'whats the number for 911!?'