Disco biscuits are also flat wide amphetamine tablets that were often sold in the mid-90's at rave-like parties. They were sometimes passed off as ecstasy, although they do not contain MDMA. Once they became known and recognized in some circles, many dealers stopped selling them as fake X and started successfully billing them simply as disco biscuits. Usually, they were a cheaper alternative to X, and sought after when one couldn't find or afford X but wanted a similar experience.

Disco biscuits were supposedly comprised of equal parts heroine and meth, whereas the mixture of drugs in ecstasy is comparable to heroin and cocaine. However, like all mixed street pills, disco biscuits were more often than not cut with a host of other nasty substances and their effects were hard to predict because of this.

From both talking to friends and from personal experience many years ago, I can tell you that no two biscuits ever produced the same effects as far as I could tell. Sometimes it felt more on the meth side, other times more on the heroin side. Sometimes the effects lasted for half a day, other times a mere half-hour. I haven't come across disco biscuits being sold (at least by that name) in years but I also haven't been to a rave in as long.

Since straight heroin by ingestion is extremely dangerous and meth is disgusting and evil, I would advise you to stay away from these pills altogether. Keep in mind that this is coming from a 'responsible' drug user, with the assumption that we all know that drugs in general are risky in nature.