Ludwig Van Beethoven is affectionately referred to as "Ludwig Van" by Alex in Stanley Kubrick's amazingly great flick A Clockwork Orange. The music of Beethoven was one of Alex's great loves; he played it in his room while engaging in the old in/out or thinking disturbing thoughts and imagined it while performing deeds of ultra-violence.

After they enforced their severe experimental reconditioning on Alex, one of the things that repelled him was music, even the compositions of his beloved Ludwig Van.

Alex made the mistake of sharing this information with his sympathetic host over dinner. Later, when his host remembered Alex as the derelict who had crippled him and raped his wife years ago, he used Beethoven as a means of torture. He locked Alex in a room and blasted Beethoven's Ninth Symphony until Alex became so sick and desperate that he threw himself out the window to escape the sound of the composer he had once loved.