I was a telemarketer one summer as a ridiculous part-time job between school semesters and it totally sucked. However, fun with telemarketing calls can also be had by the caller, not just the callee.

Since the establishment I worked for did not pay us on commission, I had no real incentive or desire to make sure I actually completed sales. My bosses kept track of how many calls we made but rarely overheard our actual conversations. They were too busy trying to monitor the activities of their AA employees, a faction that constituted 90% of the work force there. The rest of us 10%ers were college students home for the summer who didn't give a shit about selling magazine subscriptions and instead made the work day liveable by smoking alot of bud and fucking with the business owners we contacted.

We amused each other by pretending to sell drugs or orphans, or using the well-known voices of various celebrities. If the company owner had us on speaker-phone we would punish their arrogance by taking on the persona of a mistress breaking plans to meet them that afternoon or angry about their lack of performance the night before. You'd be surprised how long some of these people remain on the phone to deal with such calls.