What I like most about Dreamweaver 3

Of course Dreamweaver 2 was great, I'm not trying to dis it or anything. I prefered Image Ready in some cases when playing with heavy imagery, but thats not the point. The point is, I am happy with the newest version of Dreamweaver and I'll tell you why.

I know I am late on this topic but I just recently started working with Dreamweaver 3 at my new job and of course transferred it to my Mac at home to play with whenever I want.

  • First of all, you gotta love the multiple undoability of the new history palette. Ever since Photoshop 5 I have come to expect the freedom and ease of multiple undos in any manipulation program.
  • The image mapping abilities rock. I know Dreamweaver 2 had some but they were much more unclear and are now convenient as hell. Not perfect though, as I will probably address in another node.
  • Also: when dealing with anything javascript related there is quick and easy access from the properties palette to the small part of code that corresponds to whatever you have selected for quick alteration. That may not have been worded for the clearest explanation, but users of the program should know what I am talkin about.
  • And last but not least, there is now an icon right on the objects palette to add br's to your page wherever and whenever you want with just a click of the mouse, whereas in the previous version one had to go into the code to place such a thing, something I always found annoying. Not that I dislike going into the actual code, but for something as minute as a carriage return? Come on.