Shawn did coke constantly and wanted people to do it with him. Usually he offered it up freely and carelessly to whomever expressed slight interest; he always had ridiculous amounts lying around because he was, at one time, rich enough to have a seemingly unfaltering supply of it. Of course, it is certainly not hard to find people interested in a free coke binge for a night and he had no trouble finding partners.

Sometimes, if he had random drug fiends over who he didn't respect he would play with them a little. Occasionally they were random kids from off the street outside our place but more often they were pathetic drug-whore girlies. He would devise little games for them to endure, making them actually compete for the next line he would dish out and thus appease his sick controlling and manipulative side.

One of his games was to come up with some ridiculous scavenger-hunt-like object that his drooling guests would have to acquire if they wanted that next line. He would sit back in his gold easy chair like a god damn king and watch his pathetic little minions skerrying around trying to be the first to come across a bullet-proof vest, box of staples or wooden statuette of a goat hidden somewhere in our apartment which was filled with this kind of random crap. Often it would be something he or Chad had been looking for lately and hadn't been able to find. Then Chad would look up from his own plate of white powder to laugh and nod in approval, the two of them watching these stupid people do their work. While their pawns were ransacking the place, Chad and Shawn would openly and loudly discuss and playfully argue about which one of the strung out bitches they were going to fuck that night.

They were both fucking sick.

I can't believe the stupid fiends couldn't hear them, but they seemed unaffected. They were too busy desperately trying to be the lucky one who found that ball bearing or monkey wrench ("not that one with the rubber handle, the one with my initials carved into it, you stupid bitch! ha ha! keep looking!") so they could win one more line.

For some reason, watching these pathetic and stupid drug addict girls filled me with my own sense of disempowerment and shame.