A German record production company, synSONIQ produces CDs (and a little vinyl) of music from and inspired by the Computer Game and Demo scenes of the early 1990s, as well as more up to date work.


In April 1997, renowned computer music composer Chris Hülsbeck, of Chris Hülsbeck Mediaproduction wanted to release his latest video game soundtrack as a CD. He teamed up with VISION Media Engineering GmbH and synSONIQ was born.

The purpose of synSONIQ was to release Hülsbeck's back catalog of soundtracks, and be a vehicle for future releases. The management of synSONIQ founded E-Trade Trading 1999 to facilitate retail sales of synSONIQ's productions.


As well as being a vehicle for producing and selling Hülsbeck's work, many more artists are now available in synSONIQ's lineup - all with game or demo connections.

Some notable artists inclue:


In August 2002, their address is:
synSONIQ Records
c/o E-Trade GmbH
Weserstr. 14
63225 Langen

Go get yourself some nostalgia!