Jugging for cats is a form of fishing, quite popular in areas where it is legal; but local regulations should be checked before setting out. The cats in question are catfish, although other fish can be caught in the same way, depending on the bait and hooks used.

Ideally suited to lakes or large, lazy rivers it is a very cheap method for fishing with a large number of lines; and it's good exercise, too.

A basic setup consists of a bottle, a line, hook and bait. The bottle is sealed (traditionally with a corn cob, but any lid or cork will do), and the line is tied round the neck. Lines can be any length from 6 inches to many feet, depending on the depth of the water. The hook is attached to the other end of the line, baited and the whole assembly is placed in the water.

When a fish bites, the bottle will turn upside down and bob in the water. Painting the lower half of the bottle a bright colour will help you spot it.

Many of these 'jugs' may be put into the water at the same time, which is where your exercise comes in. As they slowly drift downstream, you have to chase about in your rowing boat to pick out the inverted bottles, complete with attached fish. The bottle can then be re-baited and returned to the water if necessary. It is feasible to drop a hundred jugs in lake; a river may limit you to 20 or 30 due to the extra effort of rowing.

A very economical and quick way to make a good catch; and much more efficient than flounder tramping.

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