A matchbox game for jugglers, magicians and other highly dextrous people is played as follows.

The Easy Part

  • Take two matches out of the box.
  • Use one match to push a hole through the large face of the box.
  • Leave the match sticking out with the head furthest from the box.
  • Strike the second match.
  • Light the first with the flame from the second.

The Hard Part

The challenge of this game comes from the fact that the entire feat must be performed in the air with one hand. No parts of the apparatus may touch any other object, or part of the body.

If you drop the box, or any matches, you're out.

It is exceedingly difficult, but certainly possible.


  • Take two matches out at the start, and leave one sticking through the gap between the drawer and the box. It is then easily accessible for the second part.
  • Safety matches are much easier - they require less force to strike.
  • Don't forget that once you strike the first match, you will effectively be being timed. Rehearse your next move before striking.