The second album of the 'new' Värttinä, first released in 1992 on Polygram/Spirit, with various re-releases.

This album contains the usual mixture of instrumental (Hoptsoi), vocal/instrumental (Suuret Ja Soriat), and acappella (Sulhassii) music.

Highlights include Matalii Ja Mustii (also known as The Binky Song from Arthur and Friends), which is way too cheerful-sounding to have a title which translates as 'Sad and Mournful'. Another highlight is Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta which is a beautiful song, and, in part, has some uncharacteristically soft voice for Värttinä.

Track list:

  1. Seelinnikoi
  2. Lemmennosto (Awakening of Love)
  3. Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta (The Village Awaits the New Moon)
  4. Sulhassii (Bride Grooms)
  5. Matalii Ja Mustii (Sad and Mournful)
  6. Hoptsoi
  7. Suuret Ja Soriat (Tall and Handsome)
  8. Leppiäinen (Gentle as Alder)
  9. Pihi Neito (Stingy Girl)
  10. Mikä Miulla Mielessä (What's on My Mind?)
  11. Kiirama
  12. Hyvä Tyttöna Hypätä (Good to Stay a Single Girl)
  13. Fanfaari (Fanfare)
  14. Paukkuvat Pasuunat (Thundering Trumpets)