Muy Rico!, by Jacknife Lee was released on Pussyfoot Records in the UK 1999. Classification is difficult. Certainly dance music, but hard to dance to; definitely not pop; perhaps funk or jazz.

I believe the music scene wasn't really ready for it when first released, and so the production run was short. Just a couple of years later, once the music was found to be more palatable, it had already been deleted.

The recording is in the record bags of many DJs, but doesn't come out too often as it is difficult to mix with other music, being a little too slow, and slightly off the beaten track. When using the album for party music, I tend to let it run its full length rather than picking out individual tracks.

Similar to Howie B, the majority of the tracks are heavily sample-based, but with a certain funky quality. There is a strong emphasis on basslines, and some original lyrics, as well as organ, brass and copious use of synthesizers and filter sweeps.

  1. Here Kitty Kitty (feat. The Cat In Heat) - 4:12
  2. Cookies - 4:57
  3. Missy Whopper - 4:33
  4. Brown Glitter - 4:42
  5. A Dog Name Snuggles - 5:10
  6. Spermy Daydream - 7:11
  7. Toot Sweet Boogie Woogie - 2:16
  8. Sweet Potato - 4:43
  9. Kati Rocky - 2:16

While most of the tracks stick to the general theme of the album, the two shorter ones are a distinct departure, but in totally different directions. They are also my personal favourites.

Toot Sweet Boogie Woogie combines samples of the song Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with digital noise to give a very industrial sound.

Kati Rocky brings the whole album to a calmer finish. Mellow pads with samples of an answerphone message; quite amusing in its repeats, but still a great wind down for the end of the album.

If you're into Howie B, Ninja Tune or Blech, you should like most of this album, although it is difficult to get hold of. After finding it unavailable, I had resorted to downloading from Audiogalaxy, but fortunately found a CD in a bargain bin at the weekend for a fiver. The cover art, by Kate Harrison is very distinctive.