Lauren Charlotte Harries was known as James Harries until her sex change in April 2001.

James Harries was born in Surrey, England in 1978 and moved to Cardiff with his parents and two brothers while still a baby. He began collecting antiques and china at the age of five, and when one of his inventory was valued at several thousand pounds, he was touted as a prodigy by his family; appearing in the local newspaper, and ultimately on Terry Wogan's TV program. In the late 1980s he was a well-known, if not well-loved, 10-year-old celebrity with his suit, dicky-bow and mass of tightly curled hair.

The early 90's recession hit his family badly, and the empire of several companies they had built up became a burden. Mark Harries (James's Father) was arrested and charged with insurance fraud, following a fire at one of his premises. Around this time, James sank into obscurity.

In April, 2001 we witnessed the rebirth of Lauren Harries, with her publicity handled by Max Clifford. She is now physically female, albeit a very tall one at 6 feet without heels. She is seeking a career in showbusiness, and has already taken several small parts.