1992 Album by the Sugarcubes (TPLP40CD), consisting of dance remixes of many of their previous tracks. This was the last album released before they split. (The Great Crossover Potential was released after the split).

While the melodies are chiefly preserved from the originals, the backing music is often completely altered. Gone is the anarchic indie of the Sugarcubes and in comes the more regular dance style of the early 90's. This work is more like Björk's first solo album, Debut, than the older Sugarcubes work.

That said, if you're looking for some pretty standard dance music, with Björk and the other cubes' quirkyness, then look no further.

Track listing:

  1. Birthday - Justin Robertson 12" Mix
  2. Leash Called Love - Tony Humphries Mix
  3. Blue Eyed Pop - S1000 Mix
  4. Motorcrash - Justin Robertson Mix
  5. Planet - Graham Massey Planet Suite Pt.2
  6. Gold - Todd Terry Mix
  7. Water - Bryan 'Chuck' New Mix
  8. Regina - Sugarcubes Mix
  9. Mama - Mark Saunders Mix
  10. Pump - Marius de Vries Mix
  11. Hit - Tony Humphries Sweet & Low Mix
  12. Birthday - Tommy D Mix
  13. Coldsweat - DB/BP Mix

A limited edition release contained a second CD with more of the same tracks, but mixed by different artists.