E2 is difficult.

On the 29th of January, I saw Level 4 within grasp. I don't tend to node for XP, and I don't node for numbers. E2 for me is a distraction, a place to add knowledge, a universal encyclopaedia.

I had a similar idea a few years ago; to create an encyclopaedia of my total knowledge... now I realise how impossible that would be as a one-man task. I love E2, and everyone on here for filling the bits I don't have time to do myself.

...anyway; Levels don't matter to me. Honest. I really don't care what level I am. What are a few more daily votes? Why get excited about the power of C!?...

So why do I find myself worrying over what to node next?

Looking back at my last 22 nodes, there are so many varied subjects. I guess I'm interested in all of them to some extent, otherwise I wouldn't node them. I find myself clawing for ideas. I've offered to rescue 2 nodes, but I'm not happy with my writeups for them yet... so I'm procrastinating and noding other stuff.

At times over the last few days I have slowed down. Why should E2 rule my life? I have a real life. Level 4 will come. No... I don't care if I get Level 4. Really, I don't.

This is my first daylog. I'm not noding for numbers... I really need to share these thoughts. However, I now feel guilt. Yes, that's it. Every one of my last 22 writeups has made me feel guilt that I'm only writing it to gain Level 4.

I've ensured each one is as good as possible, while still actually getting into the database. I've ensured they're factually accurate. I think each one has improved E2 in some way.

Why am I feeling guilty?

Oh well... 3 to go.