Probably the most famous gay mecca of England is Manchester's Canal Street. Although it is only one street in the gay village, it is the name by which the area is most well known. The UK version of Queer as Folk was filmed in the surroundings - Stuart's flat actually being on the street.

Visible from the street, Alan Turing's memorial statue sits in Sackville Park, just on the other side of the canal.


The street is narrow and cobbled, with buildings on one side, and the canal on the other - just the other side of a low brick wall. The majority of buildings are pubs and restaurants - often with outdoor seating spilling onto the road. It is truly bustling with activity on weekend evenings - and certainly not quiet at other times. This is certainly the place be if rollerblading drag nuns are your thing.


The pubs and restaurants vary in style and clientelle. The low-numbered end of the street is typically quieter than the larger numbers - there should be something for everyone here.