10/4, the fruit-flavoured fortified wine was the poor man's equivalent of Mad Dog 20/20, if that is at all possible. Despite finding no references on the net, I distinctly remember drinking it as a sixth form student.

Everything about 10/4 was one-up on 20/20. The colours were more garish - not even matching our traditional view of the correct colours for fruits. The bottles were smaller which meant cheaper and easier to hide in your pockets on your way to the park.

I have to assume the name comes from the radio ten code for affirmative, rather than a representation of really excellent eyesight.


Flavours were Red Banana, Blue Strawberry and Invisible Apple; and the colours were (with the exception of apple which was colourless) as bold as bold can be. None of these sophisticated pastel shades which were employed by 20/20. They were the colour of poster paints.

Bottles were small and square-shouldered, and their labels were simple. The name of the flavour appeared in large letters, along with a picture of the fruit in the appropriate colour. (Apple had an apple-shaped cut-out in the middle of the label). I don't think many were aware it was actually called 10/4, the distinctive flavour names were the branding.

Sources: This is from memory. I would appreciate a /msg if anyone has details of:
  • Alcohol content by volume
  • Flavours I have missed
  • Anything else I may have missed