I subscribe to Rolling Stone. Yesterday I got the issue with Britney Spears half naked on the cover. I read the article. I had to (Come on, you know you all would have read it too). Poor kid. She really is an idiot. She came off like the airhead that we all know she is, and kinda bitchy. She said "honestly?" and "to be honest" about 100 times. She also asked the interviewer "Do you want me to be honest?" No you fucking retard, he wants you to lie to him.

I also question the interviewer and his choices of questions. One question went something like, "Aren't you afraid that people are going to expect stunts like this (the Madonna kiss) and your music is going to become secondary?" Uhh...hasn't her music always been secondary? Hasn't it been secondary since she came out in a slutted-out catholic school girl uniform? Hasn't it come secondary since she stripped on the VMA's a couple of years ago? Hasn't it come secondary since everyone found out that she was dating Justin Timberlake? Maybe it is just me. But has this interviewer ever actually listened to the words of her songs? They are not exactly thought provoking. They are fun, yes, but good? No. Most people would rather look at her ass than listen to her music.I would.

Anyway, she's a cute girl but a singer she is not. And Britney honey, if you are out there, don't do interviews. Just don't. You really shouldn't be allowed to talk. At least not with some serious prompting from your publicist or something.

I also found out that her new album has a lot of sex in it. Imagine that. Poor thing. She is trying to be "not that innocent" but I have a feeling the whole thing is going to backfire. I also have a feeling that the album is going to be a huge flop. Maybe not because America does love whores, i.e. Pam Anderson, Heidi Fleiss (Do you know all know that she has a biography out now??? I'd read it), Bill Clinton. So maybe it won't be a complete disaster, but I think this may be it for good ol' Brit. I'll miss the little slut when she is gone.

I would now like to discuss my complete hatred of the song, "Stacey's mom." I prayed to Satan himself that this pathetic excuse for a song would not make it to 92.9, the only radio station I listen to. I saw it on MTV2 and thought to myself, "Dear god, what is that? Are they passing that off as music now?" For a while there, I hadn't heard it on 92.9 so I thought I was okay. But low and behold, it came to 92.9. I'm sure some 12-year-old who thought the song was cool and an actual "rock" song kept requesting it until 92.9 broke down and played it. These are probably the same 12-year-olds that keep requesting Dashboard Confessional. If I ever ever find you, run. Please, it's for your own good. If any of you out there like Dashboard Confessional or that damn Stacey's mom song, that's fine. It is just not my taste. My opinion on Dashboard Confessional and whoever sings that fucking "Stacey's Mom" song (you can also throw in Good Charlotte into that group as well) is that it sucks. Plain and simple. Whoever gave these cunt rags a microphone much less a record deal should be shot. Seriously. Or at least just beaten. Anyway, I'm straying from my point...

My name is Stacey. I always liked my name...until now. I work in an office. An office with people a lot older than I am. People who still think they are they "hip." Not a day goes by where a salesman/customer service rep/or any employee for that matter, doesn't come by my cube and say, "Hey Stacey, you're mom has got it going on!" Funny. Original. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry (Literally, those really are their names) now has license to comment on a bit of pop culture b/c not only has this song made it's way to my favorite alternative/metal radio station, it has also mosied on over to adult contemporary. Those GD 12-year-olds. They are ruining the music industry one BRATZ doll at a time.