Call me crazy or a slut or begging for attention, but it's just odd to walk around in a dress with no underwear on. Let me explain further.

I go to school in the mornings and my office job right after. I can't wear a dress to school. It upsets the herd to see one of its own dressed nicely when they are in pajama pants so I would rather wear PJ's than a dress and heels. So, I don't wear underwear with pants. I just don't. I don't see the point.

This morning, I packed my pink bag with a dress, some shoes (no panty hose. I hate them and it's too hot for that here) and I kept telling myself, "Don't forget to pack undies." I forgot obviously.

Now I am forced to "free ball it" if you will, in a dress. It's weird. It's like I'm walking sex or something. I am all of a sudden very aware of my genitals. I feel dirty. Naughty. Wrong. It's like the people here know. They KNOW! It's like I'm wearing a big sign that says, "I'M NOT WEARING UNDERPANTS!" I think it going to my head, in a bad way. These thoughts keep going through my head like, "Hey. You could reach down and touch yourself right now! It's right there! I'm losing my mind over this. It's taking over my life. I guess I have learned my lesson:

Keep a spare thong in the glove box.