I know that none of you want to hear a strange girl's rant about a show that none of you even watch I am sure but I have to get it out.

Let me say a few words on The Bachelor. Break it down, break it down. Down to the ground. Let me say now that I never ever thought I would be a huge fan of The Bachelor but this show is pure genius. Two words: train wreck. I can't turn away from it. It's genius. Good stuff.

For one, I can NOT believe that Brooke is still there. What? Who is she? What has she done on this show? Is she the only girl that Bob has not kissed and he wants to keep her around until he does?

And what the mother fuck is Lee Ann still doing there. I don't get it. She is a heinous bitch. Did you see her with the, "Oh no, I am fine!" And giving him that controlling ass shit and basically giving the Bachelor himself an ultimatum. What is that? The show is called The Bachelor not Some Crazy Lonely Bitch Who Has Lost Her Mind. I can't believe he still picked her. I almost fell off the bed. And the thing that absolutely cracks me up is that you heard the bitch say, "I can get any man I want. I don't need to be here sharing a man." Then WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU THERE?!" Go home then. Go back home and get any man that you want. You're a teacher, go home and hit on the guidance counselor. Hit on the principle. Go find you a baby daddy and get on with your life and let the rest of America forget that you even exist you stupid whore.

And let me tell you a little something about Bob. He sucks. I have never watched a The Bachelor before this season, so I have no one to compare him to, but I think he is a bit of a douche. And that laugh of his makes me want to kill myself. There is not even a sound as equally annoying that I could even compare to it. And I never watched the Bachelorette so I have no clue if he was somehow charming on that show or not but as for The Bachelor, I have yet to be impressed. He sure does like to make-out though. Damn. I don't even know why these girls are so in love with him.

I feel like an ass loving this ridiculous show as much as I do. But I love it. It is not often you get to see grown ass women acting like fucking idiots over a guy that only one will end up with in the end. And yes, I do agree this show is deameaning to women but it only demeans the women that are pathetic enough to go on it. And if they are that desperate and sad that they have to go on national television to find a husband, then I look better by comparison to be the chick that just watches sad and desperate women compete for a husband.

That was my two cents. Spend it well.