Hi, I work in the ghetto. Ghetto meaning that government housing is directly across the street and there are several prostitutes patroling the neighborhood.

Working in the ghetto has it's high and low points.

The low points being the obvious, car break-ins, stolen cars, and small children with no shoes on asking to use our restroom.

The high points, there is never a dull moment.

We have seen it all in the ghetto:

One day, a down on his luck husband/boyfriend/baby daddy was driving his car with the passenger's side door wide open. He was driving about 5mph trying to talk his wife/girlfriend/baby momma back into the car. She was strutting down the street. You could tell she was pissed. She was trying to ignore him and keep on walking. I wonder what he did? I hope everything worked out for those crazy kids.

We have seen numerous police cars at the apartment complex across the street. We always stare out the window hoping to see someone with no shirt on being dragged into the car in hand cuffs. It has yet to happen.

A long time ago, there used to be an old bag lady that stood on the side of the road and preached to everyone that drove by. She would throw her hands up and scream and jump and everything. We have yet to find out where she has gone or if she converted anyone.

And then there is elephant boy. Ahh, yes. Elephant Boy. It is a teenage boy that has elephantitis of the face. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen but I can't stop looking at it. One of his eyes is where his chin should be. It literally looks like ball sacs hanging from his face. Gross. Sad, but gross.

And today, there was a small fire set by some children in the Library across the street. Don't ask me why. We just stood and stared out our windows at the children just standing there in ignorance. No, there is no such thing as arson, keep on keepin' on.

Who needs the circus when we have the ghetto. And the ghetto is free.