Norwich. I live in Norwich (Norfolk, UK) too, and I get sick of many people slagging off how meaningless Norwich is to them. Norwich has plenty of good things, it just takes a bit of doing to find them (nice comment about Starbucks in this node -- I can testify, it is true :).

Some of my favourite/most amusing parts of Norwich are:
  • The Castle Museum - It's great, and has lots of swords, skulls, stuffed animals, and has recently been renovated to enhance/expand the exhibits and get decent art displays going
  • The Library - It used to be a horrific, foul building, but it burnt down and has since been replaced by a commercialised spectre that barely represents how it once was. Still, it's got books and stuff in.
  • Elm Hill - A really nice, old part of Norwich with cobbled streets and great Tudor houses
  • The Cathederal - Very large, has a wicked spire and some fantastic building/artwork inside. Definately worth a visit
  • Mojo's - (Sob) An club which used to exist merely to sate myself and my friends' desire to hear good music. A bit of a dump, quite franky, and has since been turned into something else.
  • My house!
  • Cinema City - As mentioned before, Cinema City is probably the best indie cinema I've been to and has a cool cafe/bar attached as well
  • The Arts Centre - Cafe/Bar which has had many music events going on. Has had a number of famous people playing, and they're always doing great jazz gigs and/or jam sessions
Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Norwich is worth checking out since it does have a lot of scope for a medium/small sized city.