I happen to be a Moscow teenager as well.


I happen to live in a ...different Moscow than you may be thinking of. It's small, about 25,000 people. It's a college town. It's in Idaho. When I answer the phone, it usually goes something like this:

Moscow Teenager: Hello?

Rude-ass caller: Let me talk to so-and-so

Moscow Teenager: Just a moment. (under breath: Yeah, fuck you too, rude-ass sonofabitch.) She'll be right here.

Rude-ass caller: Good.

Let me assure you that any attempt to instill some idea that teenagers are more than secretaries and things that push lawn-mowers in these people will utterly fail. I believe I will start to answer the phone in this manner, though it's a tad too respectful, given the treatment I get, it's much more indicative of my opinion of the caller.