hey, here's a fun coffee shop story:

I was at Anna Banana's, one of my favorite NW Portland cafes, this afternoon and I overheard at the table next to me some girls being interviewed to become Suicide Girls! It was all I could do to only occasionally look up from my copy of Edward Said's "Orientalism" and not continuously stare at them.

The interviewer, who was really really cute, talked to one girl first, who was sort of cute and who showed the interviewer a bunch of her tats right there at the table. (upper arms, collarbones, small of back). she said she also modelled as a bottom for "paintoy.com". then after they were done and she left, another interviewee showed up. this one looked more like a candidate for hippy-earth-mother-porn.com.

choice quote from the first candidate: "Yeah, Sunday evening is good, cause i work that day and i'd be all shaved and made up already."

yikes. needless to say there were several moments where I almost spilled my raspberry mocha.

Meanwhile, instead of reading in a cafe and eavesdropping on strippers I should have been spending that time at home in front of Final Cut Pro, editing video for my shows I have in New York next week. It will be cool anyway, I just feel a little bit rushed and stressed. If you are a New Yorker and you like experimental music and video, see my site for info on my activities in the big apple. detritus.net/steev....