Strange, sort of, that several noders are already living in June 12 and noding away their diary entries for that day. Whatever. I'm still living in the 11th, for about 2 more hours.

Anyway. Today I did a lot of typical things but a few interesting unusualities happened. I noded something this morning which I can't even remember. Oh, yeah, it was accreditation, the title of which probably looked so mind-numbingly boring that no one even bothered to look at it. Oh well, they lose out. Little do they know it features some patented steev invective related to a topic I know so well and love to blab about, appropriation and its myriad related issues.

what else? some usual things for the morning. drank green tea while noding that. read email. jerked off. showered. went and got a latte and a cheese danish.

at the cafe saw some asshole that worked there, I guess (had never seen him there, even though I go to this cafe almost every morning) chew out this only semi-sketchy looking guy about not using the bathroom. he really didn't look like your typical vagrant or crackhead, of which there are plenty in the neighborhood. But this employee must have seen the guy before and was tired of him using their restroom without buying anything, I guess. I dunno, seemed uncalled for to me, but I probably didn't know the real story. but usually the people there are pretty nice. this guy seemed like he was from an alternate, gym teacher dimension.

Went home and read more email, wrote more email, signed up for SF Car Share. organized my Netscape bookmarks. exciting, eh? I spent like 40 minutes organizing them. It's kind of fun because you re-discover all these cool links you'd forgotten you liked. And strange nonsequiturs of the mind happen, when you can't for the life of you remember why you bookmarked the home page of some obscure and mediocre husband-and-wife watercolor painters, for instance. it's hypotext. If only bookmarks would store where you were before you found that page, also....

had to go to my studio, get some work done. emailed ben about lunch. It was 12:30 already. by the time I'd put on my shoes, etc, he'd written back. sure. on my way there on my bike, decided to call him so we could meet somewhere besides South to the Future (where my studio is and his office is). he answers and we agree on a place, but he wants to eat in half an hour. By bike I'm only 10 minutes away, so i decide to kill time at a bookstore. My favorite place to kill time. Just browsing, though I could buy 10 books a day if I let myself. Of course I'd never have the time to read them. As it is I buy 2 or 3 a week, it seems, and I'm usually reading 4 at a time with a huge stack waiting. I really wanted to find a used copy of Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. As it happens ben had told me about it last week, and i've been wanting to read it ever since.

Oh boy this is getting too long. You don't want to hear any more, do you.

Well the only other really interesting thing is that later, this evening, I started thinking about this fall and the various opportunities to do perform and/or speak in far-away places. I'm already confirmed to play in Minneapolis at this festival of appropriation, but then there's also this thing I just saw happening in Sofia, Bulgaria that looks perfect, and something else, the Elctrofringe festival, in Australia. All 3 of these things are happening in October. The Australians don't have much money, I found out tonite. So if I go I have to figure out how to fund the insanely expensive flight to Sydney.

If any rich noders here want to fund a semi-poor appropriation artist and cultural scholar, email heh. no, really.