I Had a dental dream last night. I've had many of these over the years, probably because dental work and my teeth are something I've always been worried about.

This time the dream started with me noticing that one of my teeth was loose. I was messing with it and wondering what I should do and getting kind of upset and mad that it was happening. The old "this isn't fair, i've been brushing and flossing" kind of thing. Then the tooth and the one next to it both just came out. The weird thing is that they were connected together, and they were both perfectly intact; No sign of decay or damage. They were also really big molar sort of teeth, even though they came from the front of my mouth.

Then I spent a long time just looking at them and thinking about how this couldn't be happening, that it was impossible, that teeth don't just do that. I argued with myself about how usual or unusual this was, and wondered if the dentist could somehow just stick them back in there somehow. Then I woke up, very relieved that it wasn't real.

I have an appointment coming up next week, and , also yesterday I was talking with a friend about sharks and what amazing teeth they have, so those 2 things are probably what led to this dream.