Publisher of the Anderson Valley Advertiser, in Booneville, California. (His name is no relation to the name of the valley, it's just a coincidence.)

Anderson moved up to Mendocino county in the 1970s from San Francisco because he was working with juvenile delinquents and thought it might be better to try working with kids out in the country than in an urban setting.

He had lots of battles with other residents of the area, both the hippies and the more conservative folk. He eventually bought the AVA and used it as a way to bother his neighbors and get the word out about things happening that other papers were not reporting.

Some of this information I read in Issue #48 of the zine "Cometbus". The theme of this issue was Back to the Land, and Aaron interviews Anderson, who has a lot of great things to say about the Back to the Land movement, hippies, urbanisation, and more. Bruce Anderson is a very very smart guy.