For me the weekend was mostly dominated, in terms of mind share, by the "Plunderphonics 69/96" "boxed set" or whatever it's being refered to. I finally went out and bought a copy. 10 years ago or even 5 I would have been waiting in line at the record store the night before the official release date, or somesuch obsessive otaku behavior. But I am really tired of obsessiveness, especially obsessiveness with idols.

I've always disliked idols, even thought I've had them occasionally. but the more I see a certain figure being "idolated", the more disgusted I get, and lately i have just been gradually getting more and more bothered about John Oswald, who is an idol for many of my artistic colleagues, to be sure. I still think his work is absolutely brilliant and mostly wonderful to listen to, but something about the way he presents himself, in interviews and on the "pluderphonia" mailing list and elsewhere, has really started to stick in my craw. So, I waited a really long time after this new Plunderphonics set came out, hoping that maybe Seeland would send me a copy free, thanx to my own almost godlike status in the pantheon of appropriation artists. hah. that was a joke. but, hey, i do run Detritus, so I thought i deserved a comp. but no, no copy every showed up in my mailbox.

And now i'm supposed to write this catalog entry about plunderphonics for this festival i'm going to be in, because they're calling the part of it that i'm in "Plunderphonics", which is a mistake, but at least i get to explain why I think it's a mistake. But anyway, before i write that I figured I should at least look at the extensive 45-page liner note booklet in this new release. Especially because it's possible that the plundermeister will even be there! gulp.

so i buy it and i read it and listen to it and wow i feel great, i have all this ammunition now. See, now I really know that I have a problem with Oswald. Even ignoring the semi-pretentiousness, I have a problem. But, hey, I'm not going to enter my whole essay here as some sort of rambling rant. no. maybe i'll node it later, when it's finished.

But anyway, so I've been thinking a lot about this stuff. even more than usual. it's pretty great to just really concentrate and drill into a subject and just see how goddamn lucid you can get about it in a short time. But I have to be motivated. Which I am.

Ah, but i have still had time to do some noding, or shall I say "node-sprucing"? I've been looking at my little cow of doom node tracker graph, pretty thing, but i would really like to see some of my low-rep writeups get noticed for the actually great things that they are and move up that cute orange histogram... not to be bragging, i just see a few that have no votes at all, or only a few and they're positive, and so it seems like they just need more eyes looking at them, and in some cases a little work.

so, yeah, if you need something else to use a few votes on, check them out. please. they're good. really. thanx.