So today is a pretty big day. I have a show tonite with People Like Us, at a pretty large, well-known venue, B-Complex in Portland, Oregon. We're both going to be doing live sound collage along with projected video collage, and it should be really great.

The only real problem is that there was some sort of communication breakdown somewhere, either between B-complex and the guy that set up the show, or between him and me, or just amongst the people at B-Complex. Whatever the case, all this time Vicki (PLU) and I understood that the door money was just going to be split down the middle between us and the venue, and that was that. We got there yesterday to check things out and the guy, though nice about it, was clearly annoyed that he was not kept very informed about the show, and the money deal was totally news to him. He wanted us to pay rent and staff costs! We haggled and eventually he gave in on the rent, but we still have to pay for the security people and sound man. Which means the split will be after that. This is still total crap, neither vicki nor I ever pay to play anywhere. We would have never agreed to the show if we knew that was the deal.

Basically that means we need at least 62 people to show up and pay, or we lose money. If it was San Francisco I'd say that would be no problem, but I'm not so sure about here in Portland, if there will be that big of an audience. Plus, it was my understanding that b-complex was going to help with promotion, but I haven't seen anything besides what we've done ourselves.

So, if you live in or near Portland and like experimental electronic music or experimental video, please come to the show! And introduce yourself to me, I want to meet more Portland noders! 8:30 pm, tonite!!

Is this some form of inverse nodevertising? Are you going to vote me down for it? Oh well.