Several vignettes were behind my eyes last night. I don't quite recall what order they were in.

I dallied with my brother's girlfriend. We talked, we exchanged oral sex. I don't remember what we said, but I protested. After the sex part. I told her that she was beautiful and attractive, but - I don't remember what I said after that.

I had joined the military, and my unit was staying in a large hotel that was not a very pleasant one - maybe a Holiday Inn or something. I didn't like either of my immediate superiors. One was an Asian man who didn't speak, but he didn't trust me, nor I him. The other was a bearded Anglo fellow who told me frankly that my being skinny annoyed him. I promised him I'd try to put on some muscle. I did my laundry, twice. I saw people that I had worked with at Target, who were also part of the unit. They were at the other end of a corridor. They also recognized me - we waved and exchanged a few words, then moved on.

I saw my computer's BIOS. It was halfway through a reboot, and stayed there.

I saw something like a scene from Ramses the Damned, which I read recently. A woman talked to a man, then became invisible and infiltrated something that was like a tomb. It was unlike a tomb in that Edwardian-era Britons and their servants were all over the place, preparing for some large event. She passed through a room full of gold clothing, then sat on a throne. A door that wasn't supposed to be there opened, and she had to hold still. She had some trouble with that. People commented on her, debating whether she was a statute or a performer. Everything was dark before the situation resolved itself. I was certain at the time that she was a Solar, but she may not have been.