Harden-Murrumburrah is a township and community in the centre of Harden Shire and is located in the South West Slopes region of New South Wales in Australia and is adjacent to both the Canberra region of the Australian Capital Territory and the Riverina Region in the southwest area of NSW. The town is a twin town between Harden and Murrumburrah (which is noted as one of the earliest settlements in the southwest of New South Wales).

Harden Shire is home to 3,800 people, half living in the twin towns of Harden and Murrumburrah. The villages and localities of Galong, Jugiong, Wombat, Cunningar, Kingsvale, Prunevale, Nubba and Aurville are within Harden shire, and all are interesting places to visit. Today the district produces wheat, canola, wool, lamb, beef, cherries and stone fruit, olive oil, mustard seed oil, vegetables, honey and premium red and white wine.