While working out at the gym the other day, as any heterosexual woman single or otherwise would, I began watching the men who were there. As I was quickly moving from one piece of equipment to the other, busily lifting various weights, I realised that most of the men there were spending most of their time just walking around looking at the weights rather than lifting them.

I started watching one man in particular who seemed to be participating in some bizarre workout ritual. He'd stand looking at a piece of equipment for a while, analysing it from all different directions, then casually walk a few metres away. Then, he'd walk back and again stand and look at the equipment for a while. After doing this for a few minutes he'd cautiously approach the equipment, begin lifting the weights, conduct about 5 repititions, and then begin the process all over again.

Does working out require a process of psyching out the equipment that I am unaware of? If you stare at some weights for a long period of time will they somehow give in to you and become easier to lift?