This is my first ever daylog and while it's actually about something that happened yesterday as I'm thinking about it now, it seems appropriate to place it under todays date.

Yesterday I found out that as many as three of the people that used to be in my social group (I wouldn't call them friends but I knew them enough to talk to on social occasions) are, or have lately been, in jail. This doesn't upset me, or particularly suprise me, but it makes me wonder what causes people to do the sorts of things that get them to that stage.

All three of these people were young males. The first went in on attempted murder. He'd had a row with his girlfriend and just went to her house one day and stabbed her. I remember going to her 21st birthday. At that stage I was hanging around with quite a lot of crazy people, but this couple actually seemed fairly stable and he certainly didn't seem to be the 'attempted murder type'.

The second went to jail for dealing drugs. He was a raver boy, took lots of drugs, and so it was probably only a matter of time.

The last case is probably the saddest as he was quite young and now has 15 years for murder. I remember this boy as being quite strange, a bit trippy, but always really pleasant (even if he was out of it on drugs and alcohol most of the time). The story is that he went around to visit a dealer but the dealer refused to give him drugs and so he pushed the guys head underwater and drowned him. I wonder if he has any family. I wonder what they must be going through. Maybe they don't care. Maybe that's the problem.