Today I've been thinking a lot about my bed. Mostly due to the fact that it's hot and humid outside with a breeze catching off the Lake, and I've just been lounging around in it watching movies like Friday, The Wash, and Redneck Zombies.

There is no place I'd rather be than my bed. It's my entire universe.

I'm loved in my bed, I am not ignored, hated, or backstabbed. I am the creation and the destruction of the universe.

I can sleep, read, eat, smoke, drink, and laze around on hot summer days doing nothing but daydreaming.

Everything is Perfect when I am protected by pillows and covers. I can be strong or weak, melancholy or instantly happy.

My bed has always been my own, it's virginal, no one else has ever slept in it or shared it with me.

It has become my sanctuary away from the world.