Falling Through The Bed

  • I tried astral projection tonight after reading more about it on the internet (spiritweb.org/Spirit/projection.html). I could barely keep my eyes open while reading the text and dropped occasionally into unconsciousness before at last finishing the introductory instructions.

  • With the lights out I lay down on my futon with my clothes on and cover myself up with blankets. My right hand rests over my heart, my left hovering just above the navel. Starting with the tips of my toes I consciously relax the cells of my body, releasing every tiny restraint against gravity. There is a sensation of energy increase in the volume surrounding my body while my flesh itself feels as if it is turning to stone. My sense of self expands into an oblong cloud of vibration, floating heavily on what feels like the surface of a super-dense liquid, but is only my bed. Forming a firm mental intention, I ask for Divine help with this attempt, to be lifted up into the Astral by my Friend who lives there. I am about to begin the sequence of meditation breaths when a bright flash of white and purple explodes in my vision. It is already gone when the first thought about it appears and distracts me slightly out of the trance. Settling back into it, I watch my breath come in and go out of my body of its own accord. The instructions said to keep the concentration focused on the breath....but the mind begins to wander on its own and vague visions of familiar people and places fade in and out of my eye....and now I can see clearly my bookshelf, the many volumes of metaphysics stacked haphazardly a few inches away. It occurs to me that the bookshelf is actually standing several feet away and invisible in the darkness--and now I can no longer see it; I'm back to the trance and concentration on the breath. Starting from the crown chakra I work my way down through the whole system, opening up each energy center as I go. There is the unmistakable sense of a descending musical scale, such is the connection between the chakras and different frequencies of vibration. At this point my housemate knocks on my door to give me a phone call. I say I'll call them back and try to get back into it, but I can tell it's no use. Very briefly I see a white piece of binder paper with the word "knowledge" handwritten in a child's cursive script.

  • I sat up and turned the light on, feeling refreshed. The hour I'd been laying there had passed in what seemed ten minutes. Not too bad for a first try, I thought. With any luck, soon I'll be browsing the Akashic Records and walking the slopes of Mount Shasta with the Masters.